It is optimal to make a mental commitment to the AP exam early in the year (like September). A student can always change their mind, but it would be much easier to decide in March not to take the test, then to decide in March that you'd like to go for it, and have little time to prepare.

Among teachers nationally the following review books are recommended:
5-steps-5-ap-biology-mark-anestis-paperback-cover-art.jpg5 steps to a 5 AP Biology Please purchase this book by September 25th if you plan (even tentatively) to take the test.

cliffs.jpg Cliffs AP Biology 3rd Edition is an excellent complement to the first book.

An excellent collection of Biology Videos

The University of California hosts a Complete AP Biology course moodle. The "Media" sections for each chapter are very nerdy, but an excellent way to preview and review material.

Changes to the AP in 2012-2013

The College Board AP Biology Webpage

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