Use the checklist below to guide you. Write your Haiku in Word, and then paste your Haiku to the page for the video you chose.
Be sure your Haiku is in color and signed with your first name, last initial, and class period.
1. Is the Haiku 3 lines?
2. Does the Haiku contain 5 syllables in the first line?
3. Does the Haiku have 7 syllables in the second line?
4. Does the Haiku have 5 syllables in the third line?
5. Is the biological subject obvious?
6. Does the Haiku contain a pause after the first or second line?
7. Does the Haiku bring to mind an image and is not merely a statement of fact?
8. Does the Haiku involve humor or irony (as the best Haiku poems will)?

2009 Active Transport Wall Wisher

Want us to move in
give us ATP to go
through a protein
Fernanda R.

Signals delivered
Assistance of ATP
A constant movement.
Megan Rafferty

ATP needed

composed of carbs and protein

push and watch it move

-Sam B.

Give me energy

ATP will help me get through

Now i will move away

-Kelly S. pd 3


Some help from ATP

Bye Bye ATP


A protein blockade,

when ATP saves the day.

We go on our way

Taihlor C

A double layer

Constantly moving around

Two molecules thick

Ryan H. Period 3

Crucial Barrier
receive signals outside
simple flexible

Tyler H Period 3

To enter the cell
ATP will help us through
now I can move, free
- Katie Halbruner. Period 3.

Energy is used
Ions go into the cell
Through proteins they go
Brett S. Period 3

I need to get by
Energy is required
ATP arrive
-Dahlia M. Pd. 3

for going against
the grain, the protein pumps by
use of energy
-Alecia Seliga pd 3

Protein changes shape
As phosphate gives energy
Protein returns shape
-Mike G. pd. 3

Diffusion? Who cares?
We need ions for the cell
ATP can help
-Sam V., Per. 3
Signals enter cell
Protein pumps them by --> inside
A must ; ATP
- Chris Asimos

Receiving signals
Transports nutrients and waste
Constantly moving
Shayne H. Pd 4

How do I get through
ATP can come help me
Giving me a boost
James R

As signals come in
ATP opens the gate
thats when we rush in
Jordan W. Pd 4

I need to get in
Waiting for ATPs help
Then I'm free to go
Keely B.

Sodium leaves,
ATP moves the protein
Potassium comes
Zack B. Pd 4

Protein, I must leave
I need help in order to exit
Thank you ATP
Ilian D Pd4

ATP payments
must be made to come or go
Like protein toll roads
-Sawyer W

I need to leave here
ATP please help me now
only with your force.
-Amanda P

Move things in and out
I am constantly moving
It makes me active
-Adam A

Barrier membrane
is the survival of life
thank you ATP
-Steph A

With signals and waste,
It makes me very sturdy
Along with proteins
Emily A

Moving in and out
Phosphate group changes the shape
ATP needed

-Laura C Pd. 4

Against gradient
Concentrations, ions pass
Using energy
-- Brian N.

Energy’s needed
If sodium tries to pass
I, ATP, help
-Kim K.

Different molecules
In multiple receptors
Energy is used
-Steve W.

Moving particles
The gradient overturned
ATP is key
-Dan S.

Proteins are shifting
Molecules go in and out
The cause - ATP
- Alyssa C

Give it ATP
Potassium you'll receive
Back to former shape
-Corinne DJ

I need to get through

And require energy,

ATP can help.

-Alina Dyak

Flexible membrane,
Requires some ATP,
For me to get through.
-Ashley A pd 3