Welcome to the Fishbowl!
We will use the Fishbowl as a blog to discuss various topics/concepts in life science throughout the span of this course.

All blog postings will be worth 15 points. Ten points will be awarded for your initial reply to a post and five points for each of your responses (maximum of 2 additional responses). For internet safety reasons, please make sure you sign your posts with your first name and last initial only.

It is important that you REPLY to posted topics. Later in the semester you will be asked to start your own posts.

Be creative but make sure your posts are logical, and of course, keep your discussion respectful.


rotating_globe.gifComplete the Ecological Footprint Quizand then share your results and your thoughts to the footprint post

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Ecological Footprint pvino pvino 16 799 Jun 6, 2011 by Ryan.Hanssens Ryan.Hanssens
Stem Cell Informed Opinions pvino pvino 17 442 Feb 15, 2011 by bartsam bartsam
Fur, Feathers, or Scales? pvino pvino 32 599 Sep 14, 2010 by AlinaDyak AlinaDyak