AP Biology includes 12 core lab experiences. You will complete pre-lab activities here. Note: the numbers correspond to college board numbers, not the order we will follow.

To complete your Pre-Lab assignment, respond to all BOLD items in the prelab document. If the online Prelab has any sample problems to try, write down the problems and how you arrived at the answers.
Lab Tutorials

Summary Videos
Lab 1: Diffusion & Osmosis

Lab 2: Enzyme Catalysis

Lab 3: Mitosis & Meiosis

Lab 4: Plant Pigments & Photosynthesis

Lab 5: Cell Respiration

Lab 6: Molecular Biology

Lab 7: Genetics of Organisms

Lab 8: Population Genetics

Lab 9: Transpiration

Lab 10: Circulatory Physiology

Lab 11: Animal Behavior

Lab 12: Dissolved Oxygen

Scientific Method* LabWrite